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The quality of our brands has always been something that we’re passionate about here at Charles Ager. Each of our footwear brands have been carefully selected for their superior quality and reputation for top notch style. Rieker footwear embodies all of these features, a well-loved household footwear name that produces fashionable and reliable shoes that have grown from decades of experience in producing luxury footwear.

History of Rieker

In 1874 Germany, Rieker was creating footwear for the elite of Northern Italy. They quickly gained a reputation for producing high quality footwear and soon became a household name. Their popularity has continued throughout the generations thanks to their continued commitment and passion for producing the highest quality footwear possible. Known for their unique antistress footwear as well as their quick response to current fashion trends, Rieker have always been committed to being the best in the footwear industry.

Why Choose Rieker?

Unique to Rieker is there antistress feature. Antistress means that their shoes are created with special features including a lightweight design, maximum shock absorption suitable for a variety of surfaces, optimised reflexibility and a roomier fit that accommodates the changing shape of the foot throughout the day. Available in a variety of luxury materials including leather and suede, Rieker is a superior footwear experience for both men and women.